Cardinal Tetra

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Cardinal Tetra

These very popular community tropical fish are a great addition for beginners. They are bright, lively fish that are happy in a shoal. This tiny characin comes from the soft, acidic waters of the Rio Negro drainage in Brazil and reaches just a couple of centimetres in length. It’s a gregarious species that appreciates being in a large group and makes for a stunning aquarium showpiece.

Approx. supplied size: 1-2cm
Maximum size: 5cm
Origin: South American
Ideal number kept together: 5+

Water Conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25 °C
Ideal pH: 6.5–7.5
Hardness: 18–215 ppm
Ideal Temperature: 23–29 °C

Ease of Care
Easy. Relatively hardy fish however they thrive in lower pH and blackwater conditions. Slow filter flow is best.

Flake is recommended mainly however can have small live & frozen food such as Daphnia & Artemia. Dried bloodworm as a treat.

Peaceful community fish that thrives in groups. Cardinal tetra look far better in very large shoals in much larger aquariums. Invest in a shoal of 30+ if you have a big enough tank. Cardinals are ideal community fish and do not bother other fishes. However, they are quite small so ensure any other fish kept with them are not going to try and eat them. Angelfish can often prey on Cardinals. Popular tankmates include Rummynose tetra, Otocinclus, pencilfish, hatchetfish, and Corydoras.

Intermediate. They will need their own tank, dimly lit and perfect water conditions. Males fertilise as the female scatters up to 500 eggs. Once laid the eggs can sink and stick to plants.

Life Span
Cardinal Tetra are fairly intensively bred in captivity, so the lifespan of a Cardinal Tetra varies and can range from 1-5 years in perfect conditions.

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cardinal tetra

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