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BiOrb Full Maintenance Kit 48441

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Oase BiOrb Full Maintenance Kit 48441

A biOrb Aquarium does not require much care. However, to continuously ensure the optimal water quality, the filter - depending on fish stock - should be changed every 4 to 8 weeks. This is quite simple: Unscrew the old cartridge on the air column, replace the old filter cartridge with a new filter cartridge and then screw it back into the fixture.

Streak-free cleaning and prevention in one: has an anti-static effect and protects against fingerprints and dust deposits - your biOrb shines like new after treatment with the polish and microfiber cloth

This pack includes the following cleaning accessories
2x filter cartridge (sealed)
6x cleaning cloth
2x water treatment sachets
High gloss polish and micro-fibre cloth
Plus a 100ml bottle of Water Optimiser - suitable for all biOrb aquariums

Spare filter cartridges with chemical filter media, fitted with a foam element for mechanical filtration
Cleaning cloths with rough and soft side for easy and gentle cleaning of the acrylic included
Supports fast and easy cleaning
Suitable for all biOrb aquariums

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