BiOrb Cube 60 MCR LED Lighting Black / White / Clear

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BiOrb Cube 60 Aquarium MCR LED Lighting Black / White / Clear

The BiOrb Cube aquarium is a complete all-in-one package that features everything you require to get set up quickly and easily. Designed to be a beautifully simplistic aquarium that has clean lines and a compact cube-shaped design.

Lighting is provided by the advanced MCR (multi-colour remote) lighting system. It features 16 pre-set RGB colours which can be changed remotely along with the brightness of the lights as well. The LED Lighting unit is extremely energy efficient and can last up to 50,000 hours, great for creating an elegant aquatic display in your home.

The included filter system uses ceramic media (included) to provide biological filtration for your aquarium, making cleaning and general maintenance a lot easier. Simply replace the cartridge and replace a third of the water in the aquarium every four weeks and you are good to go. The integrated air pump provides your aquarium with plenty of aeration, helping to create an oxygen rich environment for your beloved fish.

To help you get started, included in this aquarium setup is a 2 part water treatment which boosts useful bacteria, aiding in kick starting your aquariums ecosystem to create the perfect environment for your fish.

Please Note - Decoration is not included, images are for illustration purposes only.

60 litre BiOrb aquarium with black, white or clear frame
Clean lines and compact cube-shaped design
Consists of acrylic aquarium, LED light, filter, air pump
Guaranteed easy installation, the aquarium is completely set up in just a few steps
With durable and energy-efficient LED MCR lighting
Made of highly-resistant, clear and light acrylic
Easy cleaning and care and thanks to the patented filter system

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