BiOrb Air Pump 12V DC Spare Part 70371

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BiOrb Air Pump 12V DC Replacement Spare Part

The air pump on your biOrb works very hard, 24 hours a day and like all mechanical parts will eventually wear out. You may notice that the pump becomes noisier or the bubbles less vigorous. At which point it may be time to replace your air pump. Replacing the air pump is simply a case of unplugging the old one and plugging in the new. Simple instructions are supplied. If your air pump stops working replace it as soon as you can to minimise interruption to the filtration. It is advisable to keep a spare air pump so that if it fails you can replace it straight away.

Suitable for all DC run biOrbs running the power supply 'biOrb 12 V DC Power Supply' (part number 73114)
Will not work with original biOrb AC Transformer (part number 46038)

Suitable for all DC run biOrbs
Quiet operation
12 month warranty

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