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Arcadia Earth Pro Flower Boost Reptile Food 40g

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Arcadia Earth Pro Flower Boost Reptile Food 40g

Arcadia Earth Pro Flower-Boost is a mix of natural flowers and petals to stimulate feeding and increase vitamins and minerals.

Packed in an attractive clear pack of 40g with Ingredients including

Marigold petals
Rose petals
Red clover 
Hibiscus flowers
Papaya fruit powder
Bee pollen

Feeding Herbivorous and omnivorous animals has always been a challenge. Many species have developed over vast periods of time to benefit from a great deal of dietary variance. For many of us we simply do not have access to a wide enough species of plants.

Feed as a dry sprinkle on top of live plant matter or re-hydrate with water.
Add to the usual daily diet at 10% of the portion size.

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