Aquarium Systems MaxiJet Micro Pump 400L/h Dry and Wet Use

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Aquarium Systems MaxiJet Micro Pump 400L/h Dry / Wet Use

Maxi-Jet Micro submersible multi-use pump with high performance and low power consumption. The Micro pump is extremely quiet and ultra-compact which means that it can be easily inserted into small spaces.

The flow rate can be adjusted when used internally and the outlet can be rotated 350 degrees. The pump can be used externally thanks to the interchangeable head included in the box.

The Micro pump can be used with Terrariums, salt water and fresh water aquariums and can of course be used wet or dry.

Small micro sized low energy consumption pump
Suitable for fresh and saltwater setups
Can be used submersed or external to the aquarium
Adjustable flow rate and water outlet adjustable to 350° in the submerged version
Micro-size enabling the pump to be located in the narrowest of sumps

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