Aquarium Systems Marine Cone Protein Skimmer 2.0 Small up to 400L

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Aquarium Systems Marine Cone Protein Skimmer

Complete cone protein skimmer that effectively removes dissolved organic compounds from marine aquarium water. Delivered with a NewJet pump, it can run inside or outside the tank.

The cone shaped design allows a greater concentration while the foam is rising towards the top of the skimmer. This phenomenon occurs because the volume of water decrease between the micro bubbles and so the foam is drier while the concentration is greater as it reaches the collection cup.

The NewJet pump includes an unbreakable titanium rotor for a consistent efficient performance.

Can be suspended in the aquarium or located in a sump

Comes with a pump with a unique unbreakable titanium rotor
BBS (Bubble Breaking System) ensuring a bubble density and fineness to allow efficient skimming
Comes complete with all accessories 2 years warranty

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