Aquarium Fish Tank Air Curtains 20 - 90cm

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Air Curtain Bubble Wall Diffuser Aerator for Aquarium Fish Tank Air Pump 6 Sizes

Aquarium Fish Tank Air Curtain - for use with an aquarium air pump and air hose (not included).
Will create a wonderful curtain of air bubbles across your tank and due to the flexible quality of the air curtain you are able to lay the curtain out in whatever shape you wish.

Available Sizes: 20cm, 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm please select from drop down.
20cm / 8" - single inlet
30cm / 12" - single inlet
45cm / 18" - single inlet
60cm / 24" - dual inlet
75cm / 30" - dual inlet
90cm / 36" - dual inlet