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Aquael Aquarium Heater 500w

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Aquael Aquarium Heater Platinum 500w - Fish Tanks up to 1000L

The new Aquael Platinum 500w heater consists of two heating modules enclosed in an openwork plastic housing that is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The device is equipped with a high-precision thermostat for setting the temperature within the range of 20-33°C, with a precision of ±0.4°C.

Fully electronic - the thermostat contains no failure-prone mechanical parts. The spirals of the heating modules are wound around ceramic heatsinks with excellent heat dissipation. Before being dispatched to customers, each heater undergoes computer-assisted testing to insure highest possible precision of operation.

Aquael Platnium 500w heaters are recommended for use in very large aquarium tanks between 300 and 1000 litres, including tanks inhabited by big and strong fish (and turtles) that could break a conventional heater. The plastic housing protects the heater from breaking. They are also perfectly suited for aquariums with fish that are particularly prone to burns, such as scaleless catfish, river stingrays, and armoured catfish, whose snouts are very delicate. The heater guarantee both precision of operation and full safety of all the inhabitants of your aquarium.

Perfect for extra large aquariums 300 - 1000L
Suitable for freshwater, tropical & marine tanks
High-precision thermostat 20-33°C range
Ceramic heatsinks = excellent heat dissipation
Durable openwork housing made of plastic
Casing avoids any burns to your fish
Resistant to mechanical damage
Each heater undergoes computer-assisted testing

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