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Aqua One Heater Protector 25 - 300w

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Aqua One Aquarium Fish Tank Heater Protector 25 - 300w

Designed to increase the life of your heater. They will protect the heater from any unforseen accidents such as falling on rocks or aggressive fish as well as avoiding any fish touching the hot heater glass. Aqua One heaters cannot guarantee that your heater will not break, but will give greater protection than leaving the heater exposed.

The Aqua One heater protector is capable of fitting most brands of fish tank heater.

The heater protector includes a 24cm length protector used specifically for smaller heater sizes and a separate 12cm protector that attaches to the main protector for an overall 34.5cm length protector for larger heater sizes. Two large suction cups included for easy attachment within the aquarium.

Length for smaller heaters: 24cm
Length for larger heaters: 34.5cm
Heater hole width: 2.6cm