Aqua One Fish Tank Marine ReefSys 90cm 255L 6 Colours

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Aqua One Aquarium Fish Tanks Marine ReefSys 90cm 255L 6 Colours

ReefSys is setting new standards for reef aquariums in quality, flexibility and affordability.

Extraordinarily clear low iron glass.
Extra depth front to back for amazing aquascaping possibilities.
Superb cabinet manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
Smooth push opening and soft closing door mechanism
Innovative sumps give ultimate flexibility, chamber sizes as well as the height of water levels through moveable plexiglass baffles.
Sump is large enough to house large sophisticated protein skimmers, pumps and any other required equipment
Central weir with twin overflow (Standard downpipe plus emergency overflow)
Supplied pipework incorporates precision ball valve adjustment and 2 filter socks polish the water

Please note: images with sump, NO protein skimmer or return pump is included with this aquarium setup

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