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Activated Carbon Filter Media 500g - 10kg

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Activated Carbon Filter Media 500g - 10kg

Activated carbon is an essential filter media for every aquarium and is ideal for fresh water and marine aquariums.

Carbon, or activated carbon, is a chemical filtration media and effectively eliminates odour’s, detoxifies harmful metals, purifies and softens the water.

Activated carbon works by using absorption which is the process where pollutants are trapped in the pores of the carbon (you can think of this process as a molecular-sized mechanical filter).

Carbon will dilute many of the medications people put in their tanks and reduce its efficiency, this is why you are directed to remove any carbon if you are treating your aquarium. However, once the treatment is done, carbon is very effective at removing the chemicals that your fish no longer need.

Available in the following sizes / weights:
500g (one box / one mesh media bag)
1000g (two boxes / two mesh media bags)
2500g (five boxes / five mesh media bags)
5000g (5KG) (ten boxes / ten mesh media bags)
10000g (10KG) (twenty boxes / twenty mesh media bags)

Activated carbon chemical filtration media
Ideal for fresh and marine aquariums
Absorbs water pollutants for clear & healthy water
Available in bulk quantities
Includes a free media mesh bag per 500g purchased

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